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Advanced Treatment

Xylem Solution: Advanced Treatment

Advanced wastewater treatment is one of several process options that reduce the level of impurities in wastewater beyond what is attainable through conventional secondary or biological treatment. Advanced treatment solutions from Xylem remove nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, and high amounts of suspended solids, reducing the need for sludge management equipment and lowering costs.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem provides a complete solution for advanced wastewater treatment that incorporates our own monitoring and control platform, mechanical and transfer equipment, and expert factory service.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Proprietary advanced treatment system effectively and efficiently remove nitrates by conversion to nitrogen gas
  • Most comprehensive wastewater treatment capabilities in the water utility industry, enabling us to design innovative treatment trains for highly customized solutions
  • Deep applications expertise drives creative approaches to solving the most complex wastewater treatment challenges


Wastewater Effluent

Activated Sludge

Top Advanced Treatment Services We Offer & Benefits:

Genuine Xylem Parts

Maintain system performance and reliability with quality components from an original equipment manufacturer.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Annual services including system inspection, operational audits, and performance optimization recommendations.

Controls Upgrades

Replacement of key control accessories to include programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces or new and modern hardware to extend equipment life, provide greater ease of use and capture performance data.

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