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Xylem Solution: Clarifiers & Separation

Clarification or primary treatment is an essential step in a water or wastewater treatment process to remove suspended solids through gravity settling, providing a clarified liquid effluent.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem offers several industry-leading and innovative solutions to optimize the clarification process.  Offering design/build/operate, capital, retrofit and temporary solutions, Xylem can provide a solution to address your immediate and long-term needs.  Additionally, fully automated equipment designs require minimal operator interaction and are easy to operate.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Industry’s largest and most versatile mobile fleet of water treatment solutions
  • Significant reduction in power consumption compared to alternative technologies
  • Modular designs allow retrofit solutions in existing infrastructure
  • NSF certifications


Wastewater Treatment

Ballasted Clarification

TSS Reduction

Phosphorous Removal

Top Clarification & Separation Services We Offer & Benefits:

Short Term Operating Contracts (STOC)

Self-contained and trailer-mounted mobile clarification systems, capable of treating highly turbid water, can be quickly mobilized to address immediate issues and maximize uptime.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Annual services for system inspection, operational review and performance optimization recommendations.

Genuine Xylem Replacement Parts

Maintain system performance and reliability with optimal components.

Factory Technician Expertise

Lockstep partnership ensures tailored system design and operation, including hands-on training.

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