Water Main & Pipeline

Condition Assessment & Leak Detection

Xylem Solution: Condition Assessment & Leak Detection

Xylem pipeline services address aging infrastructure, focusing on early detection and intervention to prevent costly repairs and replacements. We tackle leaks to prevent major failures and reduce financial losses, supporting the long-term health of pipelines.

The Value We Bring:

With a decade of experience, we’ve inspected over 7,000 miles of pipelines and identified over 3,000 leaks globally. Xylem’s approach promotes proactive asset management, shifting from reactive responses to proactive strategies, crucial for risk reduction, minimizing non-revenue water, and sustaining infrastructure. Our expertise spans energy, clean water, and wastewater management, underpinned by trademarked technologies and a commitment to quality.

Why We Do it Best:

  • We have the combination of a skilled engineering team and our broad Pure Technologies portfolio of pipeline management solutions that adapt to all pipeline sizes and conditions, covering everything from small to large diameters, and various flow states
  • We offer diverse formats like free-flow, tethered, robotic, or human-operated systems for efficient navigation in complex networks
  • Xylem technologies are capable of navigating through tees and vertical pipe sections


Oil & Gas Pipelines

Clean Water Pipeline Systems

Wastewater Pipeline Systems

Prestressed or Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Bar-Wrapped Pipe

Various Metallic Pipes – Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron

Top Condition Assessment & Leak Detection Services We Offer & Benefits:

Dynamic Leak Detection

Advanced acoustic sensors provide precise detection and pinpointing of small leaks and gas pockets, saving money.

Condition Assessment

Non-disruptive pipe inspections coupled with engineering expertise enables us to analyze data and provide clear recommendations for repairs or replacements so it gets done right the first time.

Pipeline Mapping

Accurately map underground pipelines to align key assets and infrastructure and plan repairs or upgrades accordingly.

Operational Excellence in Solution Deployment

Using existing infrastructure and hydrants, our solutions are easy to deploy in active pipelines minimizing service disruption.

Proactive Asset Management

Develop long-term strategies to manage water and sewer pipelines more cost-effectively while reducing failures and optimizing resource allocation.

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