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Control Valve & Hydrant Management

Xylem Solution: Control Valve & Hydrant Management

Xylem offers ongoing assessment and maintenance of valve and hydrant infrastructure essential to reliable water delivery, minimized service disruption, and maximized pipeline system life. Control valves enable water system managers to adjust the flow and pressure of water in a municipal water supply and/or shut water off in the event of a pipeline failure. Hydrants enable firefighters and municipal personnel to tap into a water supply.

The Value We Bring:

We have more than 20 years of experience at over 300 utilities across North America, with nearly 1.5 million valves and 300,000 hydrants assessed or serviced. Xylem valve and hydrant experts help: shorten response times to address emergencies; fill any in-house gaps, while keeping costs down; serve as back-up when severe weather hits; and stay on top of infrastructure failures and upgrade projects.

Why We Do It Best:

  • Our comprehensive valve and hydrant services put public health and safety first, while also protecting your reputation within the community, and minimizing fines
  • Xylem experts have unmatched expertise in field, technical and engineering service support, and are available 24/7/365
  • We operate the broadest fleet of pumping equipment in the industry and can partner with you to develop resilience strategies to futureproof your water infrastructure


Water Main Management

Residential & Commercial Fire Protection System Supply

Top Control Valve & Hydrant Management Services We Offer & Benefits:

Condition Assessment & Acoustic Leak Detection

Inventory and assess the condition of valves, hydrants and pipelines in your network to improve emergency response times and protect water quality by eliminating dead ends and flushing hydrants.

Hydrant Flow Testing

Identify and fix fire hydrant flow and pressure problems to protect public health & safety.

Rehabilitation & Repair

Restore valves and hydrants to full function by correcting mechanical and operational deficiencies, extending system life.

Infrastructure Mapping & Data Management

Capture and analyze accurate field data, including the status, operability, and condition scores of hydrants and valves, to prioritize maintenance and repairs.

Emergency Response

24/7/365 onsite service support for main breaks save money.

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