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Xylem Solution: Custom Fabrication

Xylem understands that harsh conditions and operational challenges in the water pump industry require a unique solution. Our custom fabrication services are designed and built to your specifications and guaranteed to work efficiently and reliably in even the most demanding environments.

The Value We Bring:

Our engineers ensure that you have the right equipment for your job and utilize the most current tools to design and engineer everything from new pump models to large-scale or highly complex pump systems.

Why We Do It Best:

  • 24/7/365 field support from an expansive service network across North America
  • Offer a broad range of pumping equipment from industry-leading Xylem brands Godwin and Flygt
  • Extensive application engineering experience combined with superior products
  • Flexible manufacturing process allows for fast turnaround of equipment


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Equipment Assembly and Installation Components

Drivers & Drive Components


Ancillary Items

Top Custom Fabrication Services We Offer & Benefits:


Excellence meets tailored precision from custom design and manufacturing, ensuring you get the right solution for your specific needs.

Product Flexibility:

We can purchase pumps from other pump manufacturers and couple them to diesel engines or electric motors for maximum design and application flexibility.

Innovation Resources

Access to Xylem’s North American network of advanced fabrication facilities equips businesses with the resources they need to transform concepts into reality and empowers them to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge products to the market faster.

Deep Design Expertise

Extensive engineering and design expertise contributes to water conservation, operational cost savings and overall excellence in the industry.

Primary Product Brands: