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Genuine Xylem Spare Parts

Xylem Solution: Genuine Xylem Spare Parts

At Xylem, we understand that the heart of every pump system and related equipment lies in the reliability of its components. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of genuine spare parts meticulously designed to optimize your pump’s equipment performance and longevity.

The Value We Bring:

With our commitment to having every spare part on hand, we ensure your downtime is minimized, efficiency is maximized and maintenance challenges are quickly addressed. Our extensive inventory eliminates the need for prolonged searches or delays, enabling seamless repairs and replacements.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Our spare parts are crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as the original components, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality within your pump system
  • Rigorous quality control measures guarantee that our components meet the highest industry standards, safeguarding your investment
  • Our spare parts contribute to minimized downtime, reduced energy consumption and overall operational excellence
  • Xylem genuine spare parts help minimize environmental impacts while maintaining or extending the life of the pump


Equipment Conversion and Upgrades

Software Updates

Basic Repairs

Wear Parts

Top Genuine Xylem Spare Parts Services We Offer & Benefits

Fast, Convenient access

Whether you have an unplanned emergency or scheduled service, we guarantee availability of all spare parts, including for most older equipment.

Reliable Service Network

From critical components to common maintenance items, Xylem’s North American service network and data-driven logistics ensure the optimal balance between cost, uptime and equipment performance.

Quality control

Our procurement experts work closely with you to determine appropriate spare parts stock and optimum maintenance cycles.

Service agreements & warranties

Minimize total cost of ownership and maximize return on your investment with genuine, durable components supported by our warranty and maintenance plans.

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