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Installation, Commissioning & Startup

Xylem Solution: Installation, Commissioning & Startup

Xylem understands the critical role that pump systems play in powering your operations. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with a comprehensive and seamless experience during the installation, commissioning, and startup phases of your pump systems.

The Value We Bring:

By choosing Xylem, you’re not just investing in a pump system; you’re investing in a complete service package that maximizes reliability, efficiency and longevity.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Vast technical experience and engineering expertise in water, wastewater and fluid management
  • Ensure that your system is perfectly matched to your requirements and fine-tuned to provide maximum system availability and productivity from the start
  • Simplified administration to reduce costs and get your site operational quickly

Top Installation, Commissioning & Startup Services We Offer & Benefits:

Preparation & Planning

Together with you and/or your contractor, we complete a thorough pre-startup checklist to ensure readiness.

Mechanical Completion & Integrity Checks

We verify, test, accept and document system performance against system design and all relevant requirements.


From vibration and seismic testing to draw-down, flow and head tests, we confirm the equipment was properly installed and can perform to approved specifications.

Startup & Initial Operation

Working closely with plant management, operations and maintenance personnel, we ensure a smooth, safe installation and rapid transition to operational status.

Post-commissioning services

We deliver all information collected during the project’s planning, design and construction, including operations and maintenance manuals, correspondence with the design engineer and the final start-up report.

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