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Xylem Solution: Mobile Solutions

For short-term or time-delimited projects where an uninterrupted process is essential, effective equipment operated by experts is crucial. Xylem offers a variety of mobile treatment solutions including clarification, filtration, GAC/IX, emerging contaminant removal, thermal catalytic oxidation and others.

The Value We Bring:

Mobile equipment or otherwise temporarily contracted, can satisfy your need for a rapid response. We also supply the expertise needed to operate and maintain the equipment, so you have one less thing to worry about. You can focus on expansion or repairs, and we will ensure your uptime.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Capacity on demand
  • No or low capital investment
  • Rapid deployment
  • We have the expertise to provide the right solution


Municipal Drinking Water Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Process and Wastewater



Top Mobile Solutions We Offer & Benefits:

Short Term Operating Contracts (STOC)

STOC’s provided as a stop gap for unexpected maintenance or system failures to maximize uptime and eliminate service interruptions.

Water One Operating Contracts

Ensure a consistent supply of water at a specified quality and quantity. Pay only for what you use with no capital investment.

Turnkey Media and Resin Services

Reduces labor cost and downtime while facilitating documentation and record-keeping.

Aqua Pro Service Network

A nationwide network of trained and certified Aqua Pro maintenance technicians ensures a quick response and expert support.

Factory Technician Expertise

Lockstep partnership ensures tailored system design and operation, including hands-on training.

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