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PFAS & Emerging Contaminants

Xylem Solution: Emerging Contaminants & PFAS Mitigation (Drinking Water)

Xylem has proven solutions for removing emerging contaminants of concern from drinking water, including PFAS (aka, forever chemicals) from municipal and industrial water sources, helping water utilities meet treatment goals and achieve regulatory compliance. As a single-source provider of remediation services, we can partner with you from pilot testing through follow-up services.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem’s offering of both temporary mobile treatment solutions and permanent installations, combined with an array of media solutions, we can ensure compliance with PFAS and emerging contaminant limits in drinking water.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Industry’s largest and most versatile mobile fleet of water and wastewater treatment solutions
  • Our emerging contaminant mitigation approach is solutions-based and technology-agnostic
  • Xylem offers pilot and rapid testing capabilities to inform media selection and system sizing decisions


Drinking Water

EPA / Super Fund

Aqueous Film Forming Foam Rinse Water



Top Emerging Contaminants & PFAS Mitigation Services We Offer & Benefits:

Pilots / Rapid Small Scale Column Tests (RSSCT)

The only supplier in the industry to offer RSSCTs to trial multiple medias, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective solution is selected.

Turnkey service

Continuous program monitoring and data analytics enable proactive and predictive service, maximizing uptime and ensuring compliance with contractual outcomes.

Technology agnostic

Offer a variety of media solutions including ion exchange resin and granular activated carbon.

Custom System Design

Tailored solutions address unique odor and corrosion control challenges, ensure protection of people and property, preserve infrastructure, and reduce cost.

Outcome-Based Service Agreements

Program pricing is insulated against changes in odor control chemical demand guaranteeing no budget overruns.

PFAS Destruction

Established distribution partnerships with PFAS destruction technology owners.

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