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Xylem Solution: Pipeline Dewatering & Inspections

Early detection and intervention of aging infrastructure is essential to preventing costly pipeline management repairs and replacements. Xylem provides dewatering services in pipeline networks and offers wall condition inspections in dewatered pipelines, collecting data that helps inform decision making to prevent major failures, reduce financial losses, minimize non-revenue water, and sustain infrastructure.

The Value We Bring:

We’re a trusted original equipment manufacturer recognized for our technologies and commitment to quality in energy, water and wastewater management.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Over two decades of experience and more than 4,500 miles of pipelines inspected globally by highly skilled engineers and application experts
  • Extensive range of equipment, tools and technologies for efficient pipeline assessment
  • Wide range of applications expertise in oil and gas, clean water and wastewater pipeline systems


Large-Diameter Concrete Water Pipelines

Complex Pipeline Structures

Critical Infrastructure

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Clean Water Pipeline Systems

Wastewater Pipeline Systems

Top Pipeline Dewatering & Inspections Services We Offer & Benefits:

Comprehensive Condition Assessments

When inspecting pipelines, we first dewater them for optimal data quality, conducting detailed electromagnetic and visual assessments, including live video to pinpoint pipe wall distress, wall loss in metal pipes and broken wraps in concrete pipes.

Data-Driven Maintenance Decisions

Assist utilities in making informed rehabilitation and management decisions based on accurate inspection data.

Solution Deployment

Our solutions are easily deployable in both dewatered and submerged depressurized water pipelines, facilitating comprehensive inspections with minimal service disruption.

Pipeline Knowledge

Capable of inspecting pipelines with inline valves and various configurations to drive long-term pipeline health and superior results.

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