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Resilience Planning

Xylem Solution: Resilience Planning

As extreme weather events and environmental emergencies become commonplace, Xylem is redefining how we manage and plan for contingencies through Resilience in Action. We partner with you to assess your current emergency response protocol and develop a cohesive strategy that addresses preparedness, protection and recovery in the event of water-related disasters. Resilience planning is crucial to minimize infrastructure and environmental damage, accelerate recovery, and most importantly, safeguard communities.  

The Value We Bring:

Xylem provides more than just equipment; we offer a lifeline in critical situations, due to our deep application expertise, equipment portfolio and service network. We partner with you to develop a cost-effective, creative and sustainable resilience plan designed to your specific requirements.

Why We Do It Best:

  • Our resilience plans go beyond custom action plans to include strategies that foster improved future outcomes and deliver peace of mind
  • Xylem considers equitable access to safe water and sanitation in both built and natural environments in the planning process
  • We merge proactive emergency preparedness and reactive emergency response procedures into a cohesive strategy


Stormwater Management

Flooding & Snowmelt

Hurricane & Severe Weather Events

Landslides & Mudslides

Pipeline & Lift Station Failures

Sewer Overflows

Top Resilience Services We Offer & Benefits:

Expert Consultation

One-on-one meetings with our experts to audit existing processes and resources to help develop a customized resilience plan that serves disaster response and building plans to for a more resilient future.

Personalized Resilience Plans

A comprehensive strategy tailored to each utility detailing emergency response protocol, including necessary equipment, contact information and site conditions, etc.

Rapid Response

Proactive measures that ensure availability of needed Xylem equipment before emergencies arise.

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