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Xylem Solution: Solids Management

Solids residuals in water treatment plants include inorganic materials such as sand, silt, clay, and metals as well as organic such as flocculated colloids and other compounds.  These are the most common pollutants in water treatment plants, with residuals grouped into two main types: suspended solids and dissolved solids. Mechanical separation can remove suspended solids, while dissolved solids typically pass through a mechanical filter.  Once these solids are removed from the raw intake water through clarification, they must be dealt with, called solids management.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem offers a variety of solutions to collect and thicken sludge to reduce management and disposal costs. Xylem can offer permanent new construction, retrofit, rental and mobile solutions to address solids management needs including Dissolved Air Floatation thickening systems, sludge collection chain and scraper systems, and filter press systems all designed to separate solids from water.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Xylem solutions offer a significant reduction in power consumption compared to alternative technologies
  • Modular designs allow retrofit solutions in existing infrastructure
  • NSF certifications
  • Mobile solutions can be provided under short term operating contracts to maximize uptime
  • Automated solutions minimize operator interaction and simplify operation


Potable Water Sludge Removal

Sludge Thickening

Top Solids Management Services We Offer & Benefits:

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

  • Annual services for system inspection, operational review and performance optimization recommendations

Genuine Xylem Replacement Parts

  • Maintain system performance and reliability with optimal components

Factory Technician Expertise

  • Lockstep partnership ensures tailored system design and operation, including hands-on training

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