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Wastewater Primary Treatment

Xylem Solution: Wastewater Primary Treatment

Wastewater is treated in three main phases: primary (solids removal), secondary (bacteria decomposition) and tertiary (extra filtration). Ahead of primary treatment, a pretreatment stage can include initial physical separation of some solid material, influent parameter monitoring and/or equalization.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem technologies are field proven as reliable, durable and easy to operate and maintain.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Our wastewater treatment capabilities are the most comprehensive in the water utility industry, enabling us to design innovative treatment trains for highly customized solutions


Channel Aeration & Mixing

Aerated Grit

Nutrient and Water Quality Measurement and Monitoring

Top Wastewater Pretreatment Services We Offer & Benefits:

Xylem Sanitaire Replacement Parts

  • Spare and replacement diffusers, aeration system repair kits, PVC components

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

  • Annual services for system inspection, operational review and performance optimization recommendations

ICEAS, CASPERON and Bioloop Controls Upgrades

  • Turnkey replacement of key control components to include PLC processors and HMIs with new and modern hardware to keep or bring the process to Xylem performance standards for many more years

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