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Water Intake

Xylem Solution: Water Intake

Many industrial applications and water utility processes, such as drinking water facilities require a large inflow of water for their processes. Xylem has intake screen systems that filter debris and aquatic life from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and oceans, providing debris-free water for potable production and minimizing ecological impacts.

The Value We Bring:

From traveling water screens and trash rakes to bar racks, stop gates and ancillary equipment, Xylem offers complete intake screening systems that are configurable to meet the specific needs of the end user.

Why We Do it Best:

  • Offer the industry‚Äôs only non-metallic, modified Ristroph fish basket featuring a high-strength, lightweight, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant design for fish-friendly screening of source water
  • EPA-recognized best available technology complying with section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act, which requires EPA to issue regulations on the design and operation of intake structures, to minimize adverse impacts
  • Up to 50% lighter weight basket designs reduce hang weight and torque on motors, minimizing wear and maintenance


Raw Water Intake

Fossil and Nuclear Power Plant Intake

Industrial Intake

Top Raw Water Intake Services We Offer & Benefits:

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive suite of configurable solutions addresses unique intake and screening challenges, ensuring protection of infrastructure and the environment.

Equipment Supply

OEM supplier of complete intake solutions, including traveling water screens, trash rakes, bar racks, stop gates, spray wash pumps and control systems for a single-source provider of all intake needs.

Inspection & Installation

Certified dive crews provide topside and underwater inspections, installations and repairs, extending equipment life and ensuring intake compliance.

Service Agreements

Maintenance contracts extend life and reduce operating costs, and downtime.

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