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Xylem Solution: Water Quality Monitoring – Wastewater Collections

Wastewater managers are facing increasing challenges with limited budgets. They must prevent combined sewer overflows, minimize maintenance and energy costs, and make sure systems and equipment are operating efficiently, without harming the environment.

The Value We Bring:

Our smart solutions enable wastewater collection systems to dynamically adapt to changing storm conditions and maximize storage. The solutions combine real-time monitoring, analysis and control optimization, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional overflow mitigation strategies.

Why We Do it Best:

  • We meet all your collection system water quality monitoring needs from autosamplers, water quality monitoring handhelds to systems that can be placed inside of the collection system for long-term unattended monitoring
  • We manufacture sensors and robust systems that can hold up in the harsh collection environment
  • Highly experienced service team with strong application knowledge


Wastewater Collection Systems

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Top Water Quality Monitoring (Wastewater Collections) Services We Offer & Benefits:

System Optimization

Smart water solutions that enhance every step of wastewater collection and transport to reduce overflows, energy use and operating costs.

Meet Water Quality Regulations at Lower Cost

Gain real-time decision support and actionable guidance to increase margins of compliance.

Prevent Sewer Overflows & Environmental Impact

Optimize capacity of existing infrastructure to reduce CSO events and meet environmental targets.

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