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Xylem Solution: Xylem’s Backup Power & Pumping Services

Xylem’s Backup Power & Pumping Services provide essential support to maintain continuous water management operations, especially during power outages or equipment failures. This service is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted water supply and wastewater management in any situation.

The Value We Bring:

Xylem’s Backup Power & Pumping Services are designed to ensure that any water management systems remain robust and uninterrupted, no matter the circumstances. We guarantee continuous operation, even during emergencies, helping to prevent operational losses and maintain the resilience and dependability of water systems. The self-contained backup system provides both pump and power redundancy. For lift station backup, this system eliminates the need for a transfer switch.

Why We Do it Best:

Xylem stands out with its comprehensive approach to backup power and pumping. Our expertise in water management technology, combined with a robust inventory of backup equipment, ensures that we can meet diverse needs swiftly and effectively. We can help design and install your system.


Lift Station Backup Pumping

Bypass Backup

Flood Protection

Building Fire Protection

Services We Offer and Benefits:

System Design

Our expert engineers can help specify and design the system required for your application.

System Supply

Catering to a wide range of water management needs, from small-scale operations to large industrial applications.

Preventative Maintenance

Our teams can provide regular testing and maintenance to ensure your system is ready to go when you need it.

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